Secondary Marketing’s Efficiency Tool

By Lori Glover   |   Manager of Secondary Marketing

As many of you know, TruHome strives to grow credit union business, but providing Real. Simple. Service. to members is our main priority. In order to commit to such a high level of service and efficiency, we make sure to invest in technology that will allow us to simplify the process, customize it to work for each client, and provide the support our partners need.


We use Optimal Blue, a Secondary Marketing eCommerce platform, to reduce the risk of human error for our Lock Desk and Originators. It automates many of TruHome’s routine functions, which allow us to focus on more difficult requests. It’s been an asset to our team and allows us to be more effective in our day-to-day activities.


TruHome’s SVP of Secondary Marketing Greg Spurgeon said, “Optimal Blue’s advanced API really opens up lots of flexibility for us to work with our credit union partners to identify which solution may be best for them and their members as far as providing them the rate data they need to evaluate the mortgage product offering from their credit union.”


To learn more, click on the link below to check out Optimal Blue’s testimonial video. It provides more insight about how we utilize the technology to customize client data to members.