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Founded in 2004, TruHome provides a full range of private-label services to credit unions nationwide to grow their mortgage offering. With our expertise, technology solutions, and member-centric focus, we leverage the power of collaboration that already exists in the credit union industry.

TruHome offers flexible mortgage solutions to our credit union partners. Many credit unions are unable to offer mortgage products to their members due to the cost of production and the demanding regulatory requirements. TruHome provides credit unions an opportunity for members to keep their mortgage where they are most comfortable, while maintaining the same level of service they have come to expect.

TruHome is a company built by industry experts who are approachable, knowledgeable, and service-minded. We seek to deliver Real. Simple. Service. to our credit union partners. Every time.


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Our primary goal is to become a highly-valued partner to your credit union. To deliver on that goal, we exercise transparency in every detail along the way and recommend only the solutions that are right for you. We are here to help your members with their mortgage needs, while helping you grow your mortgage business and membership loyalty. With TruHome, the costs, the processes and the people involved are all delivered upfront. There are no hidden agendas. For real.


There is no need to make things complicated. You are looking for an opportunity to grow your offering to your members, and we have the solution. We handle all the compliance and details while you focus on your business growth. Mortgage is complex — but it does not have to be. Let us provide a total solution to take care of the mortgage needs of your members without the complicated regulatory overview. See? Simple.


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You take pride in providing world-class service to your members. So do we. As industry experts, we apply the same unrelenting service standards to your members that they have come to expect from you. We partner with you to give your members the same experience they receive every time they step into your credit union. TruHome understands your business and your needs, and we offer nothing but our best to your members. Our promise — your standard of service.


Doug Hoelscher


Doug Hoelscher

Doug Hoelscher is a proven financial executive with a track record of organizational leadership, finance and accounting expertise, and staff development capabilities. Doug is a trusted business leader, adept at building and maintaining internal and external relationships. He is responsible for the overall operations and strategic vision of TruHome.

What Doug loves more than anything is helping credit unions grow their mortgage business by making what can be burdensome from an operations and regulatory perspective, simple. His passion and commitment to the industry is evident by the results experienced under his leadership. During his tenure at TruHome, the company has set a record for closed loan volume and achieved the second highest member survey satisfaction in the organization’s history.

Doug has worked in the credit union industry for 16 years, and he is inspired every day by the commitment of credit unions to put their service to members first over financial returns.

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Brad Richardson

Chief Financial Officer

Brad Richardson

Brad Richardson loves nothing more than to help credit unions understand the financial value that having a mortgage offering can bring to their balance sheet and income statement. He has worked in the industry for 16 years, most of which was spent working for a credit union. He understands and embodies the commitment of the industry to create financial outcomes that maximize the experience and value each member deserves from their credit union.

As CFO of TruHome, Brad is responsible for assisting in developing strategic plans and constructing long-range financial budgets to support the company’s objectives. Brad relishes the successes his group has had in simplifying and automating accounting processes and reporting, and looks forward to making process upgrades available to credit union clients as well.

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Jeff Vossen

SVP of Originations & Operations

Jeff Vossen

Jeff Vossen joined TruHome Solutions in 2010 and brought with him 19 years of loan operations management, financial analysis and sales experience. Jeff manages the direction of all mortgage origination and operational functions for TruHome, including originations, processing, underwriting, closing and mortgage solutions. Since 2010, Jeff’s originations and processing groups have achieved an average of 97% in credit union member satisfaction.

Additionally, Jeff works with credit union leaders to ensure TruHome’s products and services continue to enhance the industry’s market share with the mortgage product offering.

Prior to joining TruHome, Jeff worked in the banking industry, where he saw customers treated like a number or widget. He continues to be energized by the credit union movement’s commitment to understand each member’s personal situation and help them improve their financial picture. Doing those things brings a real sense of mission and purpose to Jeff’s work.

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Greg Spurgeon

SVP of Secondary Marketing

Greg Spurgeon

With more than 16 years of mortgage banking experience, Greg leads the secondary marketing unit at TruHome. In this role, he is responsible for hedging TruHome’s pipeline and warehouse interest rate risk, purchasing mortgages from clients, and selling mortgages on the secondary market.

Prior to joining TruHome, Greg managed the mortgage finance program for the Missouri Housing Development Commission, a $2 billion financial institution that raises capital through the municipal bond market to provide financing to first-time homebuyers.

With TruHome, Greg has developed a top-tier team focused on providing credit unions with easy, efficient, and competitive access to the secondary market so they have the flexibility to grow their mortgage lending program. Though TruHome was Greg’s first foray into the credit union industry, he has come to really love the industry’s passion for serving members.

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Doug Battin

SVP of Mortgage Servicing

Doug Battin

Having nearly 30 years of mortgage business experience, Doug Battin has led TruHome’s servicing business since 2014. He leads a team of 50+ professionals, who are responsible for servicing loans for over 50 credit union clients. His team has grown TruHome’s servicing portfolio to over 42,000 loans and over $6 billion in assets. Among other things, the team manages new loan boarding, escrow administration, cash processing, client and investor reporting, document control, lien release, member services call center, and collections and default related actions when necessary.

Doug lives firsthand the compliance challenges of working in the mortgage servicing business. He works tirelessly to eliminate pain-points for credit union partners while ensuring TruHome stays in compliance, despite constantly evolving state and federal regulations.

One of Doug’s proudest moments since joining TruHome is the successful, nine-month integration that his team facilitated to launch the new Black Knight Servicing System.

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Mike Eggleston

SVP of Legal

Mike’s 25-year membership at a credit union is what led him to TruHome. He saw first-hand the commitment credit unions have to their members and that experience reminded him of the small town where he grew up. As a seasoned attorney with nearly 36 years of experience, he has leveraged his general counsel background and expertise in commercial real estate, business law, contract review, human resources and facility management to assist TruHome in becoming a best-in-class mortgage provider to credit unions.

During his five years at TruHome, Mike has led many initiatives, including developing new client contracts, setting up many compliance-related functions, and overseeing the construction and expansion of the current 40,000 square-foot facility.

One of Mike’s favorite things about his position is the variety of issues that confront him daily, the caliber of people he works with, and the ability to take ownership of problems. He loves to help find a solution for the business owners and to work directly with members to address any needs they may have. It reminds him why he joined TruHome in the first place – to deliver excellent customer service!

Job seekers: Make your home at TruHome! We’re looking for ambitious, service-oriented candidates to join our team.