Accessing the mortgage secondary market is no easy task for credit unions. TruHome takes on the challenging task so you don’t have to.

Consistent Branding

TruHome understands that consistent branding throughout the entire mortgage servicing process, builds member trust and loyalty — and member loyalty builds business growth. When mortgages are sold to the secondary market through TruHome, credit unions retain their branding on the servicing of the loan and grow their mortgage business without the balance sheet limitations or risk.

Easy Access to the Secondary Market

TruHome provides credit unions the opportunity to use our expert mortgage origination services and execution, enabling easy access to the secondary market. This process eliminates the challenges associated with selling mortgages. In addition, TruHome provides credit unions with the necessary liquidity to produce, the pricing to be competitive, and the ability to manage balance sheet risks.

Supported Pricing & Workflow

TruHome takes the guesswork out of pricing and eases the workflow of loans.

  • Technology is provided to streamline daily mortgage pricing, assist the loan originator with quoting rates, and to automate the loan origination rate lock and re-lock processes.
  • A centralized lock desk with controls and processes are delivered to give you confidence that your member pricing is executed every day.
  • A market analysis of consumer mortgage pricing is given for each credit union, providing you the data you need to evaluate competitiveness in your market.

TruHome also offers flexible options to allow credit unions to hold funded loans in their portfolio or sell in the secondary market. We offer a full suite of Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA and USDA products.

“Our mortgage offering plays a critical role in positioning our credit union as the primary financial institution of our members. It is our goal to have as many of our members as possible obtain their mortgage from us. It is important that we have the ability to sell mortgages, freeing up capital to serve other members. TruHome makes selling mortgages effortless on our part, and the fact that we can retain servicing under our brand is key to building loyalty with our members.”

Russ Bernardo

Chief Lending Officer


With Greg Spurgeon

Greg Spurgeon

To learn more about how your credit union can leverage TruHome’s access to the secondary market, contact Greg Spurgeon.

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