When it’s time for your members to shop for a home loan, why not offer the products they need with the service they have come to expect from you?

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Flexible Solutions

TruHome’s origination solutions provide you affordable access to mortgage experts with years of experience in origination, processing, underwriting, closing and funding. We concern ourselves with the details of compliance, quality control, technology, training and support so you don’t have to.

Member Service

For most, purchasing a home is the largest financial transaction they will undertake. TruHome provides the knowledge and expertise to help guide your members, step-by-step, through the mortgage process. Your members will benefit from our industry-leading technology and receive the highest level of communication and personal service.

Collaborative Partnership

In an industry with increased production costs, ever-changing compliance risks and challenges, and high service standards your members have come to expect, it’s time to look for a simple solution. TruHome’s industry experts offer a range of flexible origination solutions and collaborative approach to help you find the best solution for your credit union.

  • Compliance Support: Whether validating our disclosure documents or our verification process, TruHome works with best-in-class vendors to ensure accuracy of data entry, integration points, reporting, and trending data information.
  • Technology: Our premiere loan origination system allows a secure and reliable online portal where members access their mortgage loan with functionality and services designed specifically to enhance their overall experience.
  • Training: We identify areas of need for training in all aspects of the process to provide continued education on best practices and industry standards.
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“We have realized a significant amount value while using TruHome for originations. They provide us with the flexible solutions and ability to handle mortgage originations. We now have the opportunity to grow that business without thinking about staffing and compliance. It is simple and straightforward, and they consistently deliver in a way that is down-to-earth and trustworthy. They make us feel like a valued client at every interaction.”

Dave Birulin

Vice President of Lending and Collections


With Jeff Vossen

Jeff Vossen

To learn more about TruHome origination services for your credit union, contact Jeff Vossen.

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