Tim Clayton


Senior Mortgage Advisor
With TruHome since 2014


I was introduced to TruHome by a friend I have known for years. I really did not know what to expect when I joined the company, but after a month or two, I became more comfortable. My manager and teammates were so welcoming. Whenever I needed assistance or advice, I had help from everyone around me. I started as an Inbound Loan Officer and moved to Outbound Loan Officer once the team was created. I have been an Outbound Loan Officer since that time and I enjoy the daily challenge.


What do you enjoy most about working for TruHome?

I really like the laid-back atmosphere with a focus on daily progression, individually and as a company.


In one sentence, define the culture at TruHome.

The culture is like a family, where everyone looks out for one another.


What has been critical to your success?

I have been patient with the process and have embraced the competitive atmosphere that pushes me to reach for more.


Describe TruHome in 3 words.

Dedicated. Polished. Growth.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to own my own business. I graduated from college and took real estate classes, hoping to own properties throughout the city one day.


What’s on your bucket list?

I really want to make the President’s Club at TruHome, recognizing my success in sales.