Katie Ferguson


Disclosure Desk Manager
With TruHome since 2012


I had been working at CommunityAmerica Credit Union as a Retail Branch Associate for about five years when I decided I had an interest in the mortgage world. I knew our company worked with TruHome Solutions, but had no idea where to begin. One day, I decided to reach out and find out how someone with no mortgage experience could get started. I went to our online directory and searched for someone in a management position, not realizing I had chosen the VP of Operations. She was very welcoming and informed me of the “Day in the Life of a Loan” program they offered employees to shadow the entire process of a loan. I immediately signed up to see if the mortgage world was for me, and not long after, I found myself at TruHome being walked through the first step of the process – assigning leads. Not long after my visit, a position for an Admin Sales Assistant popped up and I immediately applied. They quickly hired me on, ironically for the same position that I had shadowed only a couple weeks before – assigning leads. After about a year, they decided to utilize a program to cut out the manual work of assigning leads and I was fortunate to be accepted by the Disclosure Desk. Upon entering the department, I didn’t even know what a GFE or TIL was, but a few years later, and I am now managing the department and answering all types of compliance and disclosure questions. Crazy to think it all started with an email.


What do you enjoy most about working for TruHome?

The people and the culture. I love what I do, mostly because of who I work with and for.


In one sentence, define the culture at TruHome.

We’re one big, laid-back, fun, very talented, and caring FAMILY. I feel like our culture definitely emphasizes the “Home” in our name.


What has been critical to your success?

Everyone I have worked for has taken the time to train and mentor me through each stage or position in my life. My career would be nothing without their guidance and support.


Describe TruHome in 3 words.

Unique. Family. Authentic.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve honestly always struggled in this area as I’ve never had a yearning for any particular career path. At one point I wanted to be an animator, but found out that wasn’t for me. I enjoy interior design and remodeling houses, so maybe one day I will pursue something like that.


What’s on your bucket list?

Enjoy more of life outside of the daily grind, find my brain (mom brain is a real thing), pursue photography as a hobby, and maybe have another kiddo.