Chris Wise


With TruHome since 2010


After I left a prior job, networking with former coworkers brought me to TruHome. I was brought on almost immediately, which made an impression. No unemployed person wants to wait a week or more to find out how a job interview went! I came in as a full-time Processor and was promoted to team lead a year later.


After a few months, the team lead positions were eliminated and I was let go. At my exit interview I asked my manager to call if any positions came open because I knew TruHome was where I was meant to be. Seven months later I was brought back as a part-time Processing Auditor, which eventually lead back to a full-time processing position. I continued as a Processor until I was promoted to manager, and after a couple of years as Processing Manager I migrated into underwriting.


What do you enjoy most about working for TruHome?

The work environment, the openness of the office, and friendliness of the staff. Even though we’re at work, we have fun.


In one sentence, define the culture at TruHome.

We have a shared vision across all departments with one goal: To provide excellent service to credit unions and their members. It’s what we do.


What has been critical to your success?

Our management team. We ask and they listen – they provide training and growth opportunities for all staff. I came to TruHome with years of experience, but I love that we have a “from the ground up” learning program for people new to the industry.


Describe TruHome in 3 words.

Knowledge. Integrity. Compassion.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

A teacher. My mom was a teacher and my daughter is a teacher. I think the teaching gene skipped my generation.


What’s on your bucket list?

Learning to use chopsticks, and more travel.